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2.9.27b2 - Not handling Spam Emails which arrive at simultaneously

Have been using SpamSieve for many years and rely on it for my whole family. With the above mentioned release I’ve noticed that if two Spam emails arrive at the same time, only one is recognised and moved into the Spam folder, the other is left in the inbox.

I’m no techie, so couldn’t even try to analyse a Console message, but is this a known issue? If so, is there a fix under way? With an average of 20-30 messages waiting in my inbox over night it’s becoming a nuisance…

Many thanks … also for a wonderful product!

This is not a known issue. Please follow the instructions on this page to send some more information via e-mail.

Thanks for sending the log. It looks like most of the messages that you’re training as spam were already caught by a server filter, so they were not processed by SpamSieve. If these messages with “[Spam]” in the subject arrived in your Junk or Spam mailbox, you should not train them as spam.

It also looks like you have not been training all the spam messages in the inbox as spam. It is important to correct all the mistakes or SpamSieve’s filtering accuracy will decline.