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2.9.9 / 10.9 GM Issue

I have SpamSieve all installed an working perfectly on 10.9 Mavericks GM, apart from it keeps asking for access to my contacts even though I have authorised it already.
So far today I have had it ask around 5 times throughout the day.
Any ideas what could be causing this?

The asking is entirely handled by the OS, so unfortunately there’s nothing SpamSieve can do about this. I’ve heard that there’s a bug in Mavericks that can cause this. (It doesn’t seem to be affecting most users, however.) Or, it may be that your privacy database is damaged. You can reset it using this Terminal command:

tccutil reset AddressBook

Well I had this problem, I de-select (un-check) the SpamSieve in my Mac System preferences - Security & Privacy under Contacts
and all works fine since

I haven’t try Michael suggestion with the Terminal, can’t tell for this part

I’ll give it a try one day
or wait for your comments 1 reply


But presumably then SpamSieve won’t have access to your address book, and if you’ve asked it to use the address book it will warn about this in the Console.


I used your Terminal command

which cleared the Security & Privacy, Privacy, section for Contacts of all apps

I have SpamSieve setup to Use Mac Os X Address Book ( from SpamSieve Preferences)

and it ain’t asking to use contact

so I have no SpamSieve in Security & Privacy, Privacy, section for Contacts

note : some others also were not renewed such as Evernote, 1Paswword (new version however)

After more testing different things

I do have the problem of the original poster in this thread
Fortunately it checks my address book in Entourage, even if Apple Address Book in not selected in Security Privacy

Could there be a relation to the fact that Entourage is also SpamSieve protected ?

I’m not sure what you mean by that. SpamSieve reads Entourage’s address book via Apple events, rather than the system address book API.

Well I am far from beinf a programmer, or an expert

but reading this in Console, under SpamSieve

Predicted: Good (0)
Subject: http://intuit.ca/cart/store_downloader.jsp?
From: XXXX@me.com
Identifier: v83tJORelyuT6U3zScuXcQ==
Reason: sender <XXXX@me.com> in Entourage/Outlook address book
Date: 2013-10-05 19:05:14 +0000

Predicted: Good (0)
Subject: testts
From: XXXX@iXXXX.org
Identifier: IBzglygQHy0Nwiy68/jMZQ==
Reason: sender <XXXX@iXXXX.org> in Entourage/Outlook address book
Date: 2013-10-10 14:02:18 +0000

Makes me think it verifies with Entourage/Outlook address book
for validity of the sender

this is where my questions comes from: is it because Outlook is SpamSieve protected that I am always asked to allow SpamSieve access to Apple Address book, and select it in Security Privacy as allow for Apple Contacts

If not related, I’ll stop searching

That’s correct. This is controlled by the Use Entourage/Outlook address book preference.

The access to the Apple Address Book is requested because you have Use Mac OS X Address Book checked, and your mail program asked SpamSieve to process a message. It doesn’t matter which mail program that was.

Can I know if you SpamSieve is set to be invisible in the dock ?

For me it happens only when invisible in the dock, if visible the problem stops !!!

I bet that’s because modifying SpamSieve to hide the Dock icon will break the code signature. Does it help if you enter this command in Terminal to re-sign it?

codesign -f -s - /Applications/SpamSieve.app


I think this worked,
I don’t want to be over optomistic but WOW !!!

If I do not post back in this thread, it because it works consistently


Nice find Giles99, mine was also hidden, I’ve since entered the Terminal command to re-sign it as Michael mentioned, and like you it now seems to have worked.

Thanks for the help guys. :slight_smile: