3.0.2 is crashing Mail Sonoma 14.2

Tried all sorts of things, it finally came down to Spam Sieve, had to disable filtering in Mac Mail. Continues to work in Outlook. Naturally I just activated it to get the crash log and atm it is working fine lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. Will monitor and update

With macOS Sonoma, there is no SpamSieve code running in Mail, so any crashes would be due to a bug in Mail or macOS more generally. That said, if Mail is crashing (i.e. macOS is showing a window saying that Mail unexpectedly quit), please send in the crash log file and we’ll take a look.


Two crash reports attached, I suspect you are right, probably correlation, but not causation

Mail Crash.pdf (293 KB)

Mail Crash 2.pdf (270 KB)

Yes, this looks like a bug with Mail’s IMAP syncing. It’s not even currently processing a command from SpamSieve.

Got any suggestions?



It might help to rebuild your Mail database.

Doing a complete rebuild alas, thanks for your help :crossed_fingers: