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3.x Does Not Ask for Volume Name, Only Base Name

I use DropDMG in a film/video workflow to make read-only archives of P2 and RED media.

However, with the update to 3.x, DropDMG has stopped allowing me to set the VOLUME name of the archives. It still allows me to set the BASE name.

This is highly problematic, as I need the volume name to change so I can identify camera/reel/etc information on the archive when it is mounted.

I noticed that in the patch notes (and in the help) it clearly says that the Names ASK option will allow me to set the base and volume name (just like in version 2.x). I am quite able to set the base name; there is no field or dialog ever to allow me to set the volume name.

A gather from the help and patch notes, then, this IS a bug.

Thus, I post.

Sorry for the documentation being unclear. The volume name is fixed when DropDMG creates a device image. DropDMG 2.x could only create device images from read-only volumes, but DropDMG 3.x can also do so from read-write volumes. Are your volumes read-write?

DropDMG 3.x has lost a small but important feature, then, that 2.x had.

In 2.x, when I dropped an disk on DropDMG to archive, I would be asked three things:

  1. Location to put the DMG
  2. Name of the DMG
  3. Name of the volume when the DMG was mounted

#3 is the most important of these. I deal with dozens of these archives at once and long after I make them and having the mounted volume set to something unique (and dated) is very important. Additionally, as I use these volumes in other applications, like Final Cut Pro, it’s very important the volume name (where the film clips are sourced from) are unique.

In 3.x, however, I am only asked:

  1. Location to put the DMG
  2. Name of the DMG

I’ve lost the most important feature (#3) “for no apparent reason”.

The reason is so that DropDMG can create device images of all types of disks. (Before, it was sort of a bug that this only worked for read-only disks.) Device images allow for an exact copy and are faster to create. Perhaps I can add an option for the old behavior of creating regular disk images. If you’re interested in that, please e-mail me.

In DropDMG 3.0.2 I’ve added the “CreateDeviceImages” esoteric preference, which lets you set DropDMG to use the 2.x behavior of not creating device images. This will let you control the volume name.