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A couple of Newbie questions

I recently downloaded and am trying out SpamSieve. I have done a standard installation, and in particular have turned off junk mail filtering within Apple Mail. Nevertheless all of the mail which appears in my SpamSieve spam folder (properly placed in the “On my Mac” folder") has a yellow bar the top which says “Mail thinks this message is junk mail”. Is this normal? I have to say, SpamSieve is catching 100% of the spam and coloring it blue in that folder (indicating high confidence). I am just curious as to why Mail thinks that it is identifying junk mail, rather than SpamSieve doing it.

A second issue is that my Corpus has drifted to 100 good messages and 80 spam messages (44%) after I trained it to 65% Spam, and has been drifting in the wrong direction without further training or corrections. Apparently I am not receiving enough spam messages! Should I do anything about this, Such as resetting the Corpus?

For what it’s worth, the program seems to be operating flawlessly. I’m just trying to understand functionality bit better.

Kudos on the app. I’m going to buy. Even though I don’t get a huge number of Spam messages, they still bug me.

Yes. Please see this page.

SpamSieve is telling Mail that the messages are junk to protect you from Web bugs.

No, you just need to correct the mistakes. SpamSieve will automatically manage the corpus for you, training itself with lots of messages in the beginning to expand its knowledge, and then focusing more on keeping the ratio balanced.

SpamSieve is telling Mail that the messages are junk to protect you from Web bugs.

Ah. I didn’t realize SpamSieve passed that information onto Mail. I might have trained on some of those emails, after seeing the notice from Mail, not realizing it was originated from SpamSieve. Should I bother to reset the corpus? Arguing against that is the fact that SpamSieve seems to be working beautifully.

That’s OK.