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A few final training questions

Sorry to be a pest. I think I’m getting to the end of my uncertainties about this new app. It seems to be screening junk very effectively already, so I’m feeling positive about it. It’s important to me that messages are classified as accurately as possible, so I’m also a little nervous about following the right training procedures.

To save time and threads, I’ll combine a few related questions.

–Does SpamSieve look at my address book as a way of identifying valid senders, i.e., people I have sent email to before? (If so, I should make sure everyone I have sent email to is in my address book.)

–Does SpamSieve look at my “Sent” folder, as a way of identifying valid senders, i.e., people I have sent email to before? If so, I should try to migrate saved “sent” messages from other email apps I have used in the past.

–I imported a bunch of old messages from another email app. They ended up in various local folders. Most are valid, some are junk. Can I leave them where they are – in their local folders, select them, and “train as good” or “train as spam”?

–If I understand the documentation correctly, if a valid message ends up in my “in” box, or a junk message ends up in the “junk” folder, I don’t have to do any training. I only have to train the misclassified ones. Is that correct?

Thanks again,


If you enable the preference (which is on by default), SpamSieve will classify any message from someone in the address book as good. People that you send messages to are not necessarily in the address book, however there are other ways to automatically whitelist messages from your recipients. Please see these pages depending on whether you’re using Apple Mail, Entourage, Mailsmith, or PowerMail.

No, however, the preceding links show how to automatically make SpamSieve aware of those senders.