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A question for Michael


After 2 decades of running a business and a professional life via my Mac, I really have a lot of data. I do archive regularly but am still left with truly large numbers of files. Finding things and making sense of it all becomes the problem. After purchasing and experimenting with most of the storage applications available for the Mac, it boiled down to EF or DevonThink. EF wins clearly despite the recent appearance of v2 of DT.

My question to you is how do you personally store data? Do you put any and every document you save (personal/business/family txt, pdf, etc) into an EF library? Do you run some data in EF and some in Finder? If the latter how do you find things - via Spotlight or just good organisation of folder hierarchy in Finder?

My problem continues to be the “multiple data silos” one. Trying to store documents in EF, or DT, or Finder or some other system, then forgetting where it is/was and spending ages trying to locate it in multiple locations. My solution up to now has to back away from all these storage options and just use Finder + Leap. Am aware of the on-going debate on that list re the future direction of that application and openmeta - and thanks for bringing up the potential problems.

Would be most grateful for your thoughts on this.

Steve J

Yes, pretty much. I have a variety of libraries for different types of documents (personal, financial, business, news, research projects, etc.).

Each EagleFiler library is also a folder in the Finder. So the choice, really, is will I want to use EagleFiler with a particular file. If so, I put the file in a library. Then I can chose to access it via EagleFiler, or the Finder, or BBEdit, etc. depending on the situation.

I don’t personally use it much, since I remember where I put things, but Spotlight is one way of searching across multiple silos at once.