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Ability to add additional columns

I would like to request an additional feature to EagleFiler, the ability to add new columns. I would probably only need a couple of more columns for most of the things I do. Tags are great but an additional column that was sortable and was user controlable would help me find things quicker. Sorting by tags appears to be a bit tricky. It would be easier to sort things with a few extra user defined columns.

Hi Greg,

Could you tell me more about what you’re trying to do? Is it that you want a more flexible way of sorting by tags (e.g. you want a column that just shows one particular tag that you choose, rather than all of them)? Or do you want to store additional data in custom columns?

I had two ideas in mind. The first would really be just picking a tag as a sort key. For example, as a professor, my work fits into four categories: articles, extension, grants, teaching. I would probably add this as a tag but it would be nice if there was a column to help show this information and to sort files into these groups.

My other idea was to have a column to keep track of the version number of things I write. I usually try to incorporate the version within the title but a dedicated column would help in that regard.

Thanks. My immediate plans are to improve EagleFiler’s tag sources and make it possible to search by tag. However, I like your ideas, and they’re on my list of features to think about how to implement.