Ability to run on multiple machines or seamlessly swap between them

Would love the ability to run on multiple machines. My desktop is my primary SpamSieve machine, but frequently take long trips, taking only my laptop. I hate to leave my desktop running for extended periods while away, but it does work well when I do using a drone setup.

Are there any plans to allow this duel install type setup, for those of us who are on the road quite a bit, but hate to leave the primary machine running? I don’t know if something like iCloud sync or dropbox could be used for a common data file, that would allow for seamless transition from stationary to portable without a lot of fuss.

True syncing, so that multiple Macs can work with the same data set at the same time, is in the works. Aside from the drone setup, there are other ways to use SpamSieve with multiple Macs today. You can run independent copies if SpamSieve (setup #3 or #4) with only the macOS Contacts syncing automatically. Optionally, before starting a long trip you could copy SpamSieve’s training data from the desktop to the laptop (e.g. using iCloud Drive or Dropbox) so that it’s up-to-date.

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Thanks, for the tips. Glad to hear it’s in the works as well. Great Program, thanks.