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About SpamSieve Mac App

Hello i’m having very difficult time setting up SpamSieve to work with My Mac Mail, i’m always getting Sign’s popping up every time about SpamSieve that i can’t stop it from doing it, i tried everything but still nothing happening, i tried setting up SpamSieve but don’t know if i’m doing it right??? there used to be a SpamSieve Video that i watched in the very Beginning when i 1st bought SpamSieve that i got it to work at 1 point but as of late i re- did my computer again & I Can’t get these SpamSieve Window to stop coming on every time i open up Mac Mail how do i set this thing up??? i tried reading the instructions but there very confusing??? i’m about to Uninstall SpamSieve :frowning:

I’m not sure what you are referring to. What do they say?

There still is. It’s right at the beginning of the instructions for Apple Mail.

thank you all i needed was the video & i fixed it in my Mac Computer already :slight_smile: i see the video in the link thanks, i did not see it before :frowning: but i saw it now :slight_smile: