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Abusing the From field

Would it cause problems to abuse the From field as a short plain text comment?

It is filled when importing mail or web archives, but as far as I see changing it doesn’t touch the files.

It also doesn’t seem to be restricted in length.

The From field is for your own use. It’s stored in EagleFiler’s database and backed up to XML. You can put whatever you want there, with the caveat that super-large values will swell EagleFiler’s RAM footprint.

Excellent. Then I shall use it as the unified column for source information. Previously I had it distributed among From (e.g. the issue number for old newspaper scans) and URL (where set automatically)

The URL field is hard to edit, and I don’t like the way long addresses are shortened. The beginning of a path is usually more informative than the end, so I’d rather not have the ellipsis in the middle.

To help with the transition I combined two of your scripts:

tell application "EagleFiler"
	set _records to selected records of browser window 1
	repeat with _record in _records
		set _record's from name to _record's source URL
	end repeat
end tell