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Accidently removed the Spam mailbox

Hi :wink:

In Mail (v 3.5) I accidently removed the Spam mailbox. When I try to re-create it, the program does not let me, since it claims it still exists on my hard disk (~/Library/Mail/Mailboxes/Spam.mbox). I think Spamsieve is still working, but how do I make the Spam box visible again? E.g., can I safely remove the Library/Mail/Mailboxes/Spam.mbox?


Probably, or you could to create a new mailbox (Spam2) and tell SpamSieve to use that one.

I did it another way, Michael: I quitted Mail, and moved the Spam.mbox to the desktop. When I started Mail again, I was able to recreate the Spam mailbox (in which I found, to my surprise, the old spam-messages, and I had not even replaced them back. I never was so glad seeing spam! :wink:
Thanks for your help, all is running well again.