Activity Window Log

Is there a possibility to record the actions in the Activity Window and output them as a text file (log file).

2023-01-12-Email name changed

or is alternatively a display in the main window with “MD5 checksum: created/modified” possible?

Currently that’s not possible, and changing names does not appear in the Activity window, anyway. However, I’m looking into the possibility of adding a log of EagleFiler actions. Could you explain more about what you are trying to do so that I can try to address your needs?

Could you explain this question/idea in more detail? Currently, if you do a Verify and it finds changed files it will list them in Errors window, and you can copy/paste the list of files and their checksums.

Sure :wink:

The German tax office has the following requirements for email archiving:

All e-mail traffic that has business relevance must be stored in an orderly manner - including file attachments.

Audit-proof archiving is guaranteed if all relevant e-mails and their file attachments are :

  • complete,
  • tamper-proof (EagleFiler: MD5 checksum, 256Bit AES encryption),
  • available at any time (EagleFiler database with original emails @ DiskImage) and
  • machine-readable (Eaglefiler: index, search field).

To prove that the email has not been modified, I thought it would be enough to display the creation date of the MD5 checksum.

Then EagleFiler should be “tax office safe” :wink:

Thank you for your support!

For this I would need a file in which all important changes are noted. This log file should ideally be viewable/exportable (or even printable). Officials like it simple and secure.

Before that I used another mail backup program, but emails were missing and the program was a data silo.

But with EagleFiler it works so far wonderfully and I can find all emails simply in the folder as original! Perfect!

When you store e-mails in EagleFiler, the mbox and .eml files are not modified. So the date the record was added to the library would be the date that the checksum was made. Here’s a script that will extract this information for the selected records in a tab-separated format that you could paste into a spreadsheet:

tell application "EagleFiler"
    set _records to selected records of browser window 1
    set _log to "File" & tab & "Checksum" & tab & "Date" & return
    repeat with _record in _records
        set _line to _record's filename & tab & _record's checksum & tab & _record's added date & return
        set _log to _log & _line
    end repeat
    display dialog "Checksums for " & (count of _records) & " files:" default answer _log
end tell
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It works perfect: I can copy “checksum & date added” and paste it in any textfile and open in any csv-editor!

Thank you :wink:
Best support ever!
Cheers from Berlin