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Add new device/user

How do I add a new device or user to my subscription? I was not certain about multiple devices when I did the trial/initial purchase, but now I want to put it on additional machines for my family. Is there a way to do this?

You can purchase additional licenses at the online store. A family (all living in the same household) can share a 2-user license. If you already have a single license, you can upgrade to a family license. To do this, purchase a new 2-user license, then e-mail your old and new order numbers to sales@c-command.com, and we’ll refund the cost of the original license.

Do I have to reinstall?

Will I have to redownload or reinstall SpamSieve? I have it set up and working just perfectly on my computer and only want to add it now to my wife’s computer, so hopefully I will not have to make any changes to my own system. Can you confirm?

Thank you.

PS - will I have a new license number and need to re-register my current copy?


Yes, you will get a new serial number to enter on both Macs.