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Add-on won't work with Postbox 3.0.1

Just installed Postbox 3.0.1, followed SpamSieve instructions, received, “SpamSieve Postbox Plug-in could not be installed because it is not compatible with Postbox 3.0.1.”

It’s possible that SpamSieve tried to install an older version of the plug-in because it detected an older version of Postbox. Please make sure that you don’t have any older versions of Postbox installed.

Still no-go. The error message states that it is incompatible with “Postbox 3.0.1” so program is recognizing the newest version. Searched hard drive for older versions, none found.

Since that error message is from Postbox, it tells us nothing about what SpamSieve recognized. Please try installing this copy of the plug-in.

SpamSieveForPostbox3.0.xpi.zip (14 KB)


This worked, however, in between emails, upgraded to Postbox 3.0.2, not sure if that was a factor also. Thanks again.