Add run applescripts to interface and run on schedule

Hi, Love the new version and it is working great. I do still find myself very annoyed by Apple Server side filtering of Junk going straight to the Junk folder and remaining unread. I’ve added two apple scripts Rescue Good Messages and Remote Training, as I’ve configured them they work great when new mail arrives in the inbox, or forced to run manually to clear the unread status of the junk folder. So to my question.

I there a way to add an option to the SpamSieve interface that would trigger these rules to run automatically on a schedule? Optimally the same schedule as the one that manipulates the green flag status. I know I can run these rules as stand alone scripts, but would like to avoid that method. I still don’t know why Apple insists on making this so difficult and effectively forcing us to check 2 mailboxes unread messages on a daily basis. Thanks for your time and effort.

I’m working on building these scripts directly into the app. For now, you would need to use a Mail rule, a standalone script, or some other script utility app to run them.

Thanks glad to hear they will be built it. I’m currently running the mail rules, just have to look at the Junk unread count for hours until a new mail arrives that triggers the rule, or manually apply the rules. I look forward to the unread junk count being zero no matter how many server side junk items arrive between good emails. Currently over 100 a day. These spammers are ridiculous.