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Adding to Imported Bookmarks

Grateful for advice on how to add to an existing collection of imported bookmarks.

  1. Bookmarks were originally exported from Safari.
  2. Imported to EF (File - Import bookmarks) with Preferences-Web page format = PDF. This process took about 6 hours as EF grabbed a PDF copy of all the web pages.

I now want to add more folders of new Bookmarks to this collection but as far as I can tell this is not easy/possible if I want to continue with web page format=PDF. From experimenting, available options seem to be:

  1. Re-import the new complete Safari Bookmark export again (partial list not possible from Safari).
  2. Manually edit the Safari Bookmark export file to include only the new links, and import that.
  3. Manually collect a list of all the new URL’s and import them (File-Import URL’s) then manually arrange into Folders.
  4. Visit each Bookmark page and capture into EF one-by-one.

I have tried dragging the top level new Bookmarks folder out of Safari onto the EF records window. The hierarchy of new folders of bookmarks is then imported from Safari, but only as URL webloc entries, not as PDF.

Can anyone please advise:

a. Is there is any other way to import new Bookmarks with web page format = pdf.
b. Whether there is a way for EF to convert records of URL webloc’s into web page format = pdf.

Many thanks.

If you can drag and drop a selection of bookmarks from Safari, rather than a whole folder, EagleFiler will receive those as URLs and so it will follow the Web page format preference to make PDFs. So you could do this in batches, once for each new folder.

Another way is that, after importing the folders of .webloc files, you could select the .webloc records in EagleFiler and choose Copy Source URL. This will get you a list of all the URLs that you could paste into the File ‣ Import URLs sheet.

Many thanks indeed, Michael.