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Adobe Acrobat versus PDFpen for OCR

PDFpen is well integrated with EF. I use PDFpen Pro, but I find it tends to crash when doing OCR on documents over about 40 pages. Hence I often end up using Adobe Acrobat. Is there a way to write an equivalent script for scanning a document using Acrobat (instead of PDFpen) after it’s in EF?

Does PDFpen Pro crash for other people when they try to OCR large documents, or is it just me?

On a side note, I also use PDFkey to unlock documents that prevent copying. If I discover them before I put them into EF, it’s easy to do. But often I find such a document after it’s already imported. That requires me to do a little “dance:” open PDFkey, drag the document from EF onto PDFkey, drag the converted file from the desktop to where I want it in EF, add back any tags and notes. Finally I trash the original document in EF, and the converted file on the desktop. If there were a way to “unlock in place” that would be a big help.

I don’t have Acrobat, but I’d expect it to be straightforward to modify the OCR With PDFpen script. Joe Kissell has written an OCR script for Acrobat to accompany his Take Control of Your Paperless Office ebook, so you could use that to figure out the Acrobat-specific part.

I haven’t seen crashes, but for a while PDFpen was hanging when I tried to OCR certain PDFs. This seems to have been fixed in PDFpen 5.6.

Unfortunately, it does not look like PDFKey is scriptable.