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Advanced Setup for large inboxes not working

I’ve followed the instructions on creating a InboxSpamSieve folder, but the emails stay in that folder. The Filter Mailboxes app is running, however it seems to hang up. I’ve set this up on two Macs. One works flawlessly and the other doesn’t. Any thoughts as to why?

How many messages are in InboxSpamSieve?

Please try clicking the link on this page to enable debug logging. Then relaunch Outlook Filter Mailboxes and see what status messages it logs to Console.

Currently about 12. All new messages are being moved in there. If I select one and choose train as spam it will move it out, but if i choose train as good it stays there. If I do nothing, nothing happens. I will try debugging and post back. Thanks for the quick reply!

OK, that’s certainly not enough to cause any trouble.

So I did a bit more testing. As soon as I open Outlook-Filter Mailboxes.app, the app and Outlook become non responsive for a few minutes. Afterwards, everything moves again, but the mail is not being filtered.
If I open Outlook by itself it’s fine.

Are you sure that InboxSpamSieve has that exact name? If not, Outlook Filter Mailboxes will check the Inbox instead, and that can cause Outlook to hang if there are a lot of messages. I recommend that you search Console for “Outlook Filter Mailboxes” so that you can see what it’s done and perhaps where it’s getting stuck.

Yes, the name is correct. I’ve even copied and pasted it from the online instructions just in case. I will check the console as you recommend.