Advice: When SpamSieve won't accept "train good", count your computers

Here’s a little story that might help someone.

There were two messages in my Junk folder. They were both good messages. I selected one and told SpamSieve to train as good. It moved to the Inbox and immediately came back into the Junk folder. This kept happening. In desperation, I moved it manually to the Inbox. It came back to the Junk folder.

The Log suggested that SpamSieve heard me just fine, so why was it doing this?

Answer: I had started up another computer which also had Mail and also had SpamSieve (an older version). It was the SpamSieve on that computer that was moving the messages.

Thanks for sharing. If anyone else is seeing good messages in the Junk mailbox, here’s a a FAQ with a list of things to check.