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Advice with USB drives

Hi we use DropDMG to distribute our (Mac only) software as downloads as DMG and are very pleased with it.

We are now preparing some USB thumb drives for an upcoming show (4GB USB2 credit card style if you are interested) and wondered if you have advice on how to put various PDF guides and apps together so they are presented clearly and professionally with background images etc when the recipients put them in their Mac either using DropDMG or other tips.

Thanks for any help you can give
Ken Jones
Circular Software



I think you could make your .dmg as normal and then restore it onto the USB thumb drive.


Perfect, that is just what I was looking for!
Even opens up the window when inserting the USB :slight_smile:


forcing icon view on Mac
I have pretty much got this but there is one snag…

Sometimes the inserted USB seems to open in list view rather than icon view.
Is there a way to force icon view in the window shown when the USB is inserted in the Mac?

That should be saved as part of the disk image, and therefore when you restore onto the USB drive.

Do you mean “sometimes” as in some USB drive uses icon view and some don’t? Or the same drive works on some Macs but not others? Or works inconsistently on the same Mac?