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Aesthetic whinge

I miss the colorful toolbar (icons for tags, flags); it’s arguably harder to “read” quickly. Is there a way to restore the old look? Maybe an esoteric preference?

Also, the upgrade restored me to the default toolbar. Not a big deal, but it would be nice if upgrades didn’t mess with such things.

Sorry, there’s no esoteric preference for this. There were code changes to support the new toolbar, so it’s not just a matter of swapping image files. Also, the old icons were not Retina resolution. Perhaps in time you will become more accustomed to the new icons and find them easier to recognize. (Several testers reported during the beta period that the icons “grew” on them, and they now prefer them where they didn’t originally.)

I agree. Unfortunately, it was not possible to restore the old toolbar state because (in addition to the images being different) the names/types of the buttons also changed.

Makes sense. I love the updates, btw–especially the way folder search works and (though this affects few people) how EF now previews Pear Note files.