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After Period Not Using SpamSieve, Re-ticked Rule, Prefs won't Close, Mail Won't Start

I had not used SpamSieve for a while as I had too many false positives and even when I trained them they popped right back into Junk. But too much spam that Apple Mail isn’t catching so wanted to restart SpamSieve. I happened to choose they day of the update which may be involved but I think I updated when I first went to SpamSieve application to set preferences to Less Aggressive. I re-ticked the SpamSieve rule in Mail (7.3). When I tried to close Preferences the window stayed there. (Force?) Quit Mail then restarted with new version of SpamSieve.

Now Mail just hangs and never shows me a window. Can I restart Mail without plug-ins? Edit the plist?

Messages that you train as spam aren’t re-filtered by SpamSieve. And, anyway, it would know that the just-trained messages are good and never classify them as spam. So it sounds like another Mac or spam filter was moving the messages.

If either Mail or SpamSieve is hanging, you should record a sample to see what it’s doing.

Yes, just drag the plug-ins out of the folder:


Tried Restarting Mail Without SpamSieve—No Luck
So it could just be a problem with my Apple Mail, but the change did seem to happen related to my turning SpamSieve back on. I’ve put two recordings of Mail’s activity on my DropBox for your (link in a private message). If you see something there that can at least let us know if somehow SpamSieve did something unseemly, that would be most appreciated.

Aha! I think the Problem Is Solved!
It looks like there was a conflict between updating my Mail Preferences and Mail updating its database with the new version. Just now I clicked a mailto link and it tried to open Mail. When I clicked “No” don’t try and open Mail, it finalized the database update and properly opened Mail!


Next up: putting SpamSieve back in place.

Mail Starts with SpamSieve Working, but Preferences Pane Won’t Close
I don’t see anything on Apple Forums, but at this point it looks like the only thing wrong with my Mail life is that when I open the Preferences pane, I can’t close it without quitting Mail.

Thanks. I looked at the sample recordings, and they show that at the point Mail was hung it had not loaded SpamSieve’s plug-in yet (perhaps because you had temporarily removed it). It looks like Mail was stuck waiting for the database/disk. So I don’t think the problem is related to SpamSieve.

The problem does seem to be related to the system’s “resume” feature for remembering window positions. It might help to clear out Mail’s saved state:

/Users/<username>/Library/Containers/com.apple.mail/Data/Library/Saved Application State/com.apple.mail.savedState/

Unfortunately, Clearing SavedState Didn’t Do It
Good suggestion, but at least Mail is working. Hopefully this will get fixed in a new release from Apple.