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After purchase SpamSieve will not startup with mail


Just purchased SpamSieve (been using it for the demo and it works great!) and after entering my license information, it no longer starts up with Apple Mail. It does quit along with Mail when I quit Mail.
I’m running Leopard, using Apple Mail, and have reinstalled the Apple mail plugin. I’ve done a search here but did not find an answer.

There should be nothing different about SpamSieve’s behavior after purchasing, except that it will no longer nag you. Have you made any other changes on your Mac? Which folder is the SpamSieve application stored in?

Also, just to be clear, SpamSieve is not supposed to launch when you launch Mail. It only auto-launches when Mail downloads new messages that need to be filtered, or when you train it.

Thanks for the wicked fast follow-up! After I entered my license info I restarted mail and I guess I just didn’t have anything new to retrieve or filter, so SS didn’t start-up at that time. But after waiting until I had some mail to check on, it starts up with mail just fine, just like you mentioned.

Thanks for the help and sorry for the confusion.