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After upgrade issues

after installing the upgrade i can no longer actually see my mail. It causes mail to go to not responding and it does not show any of the mail that is in the folder or the imap directory. Please advise. i have reverted back to an older version and even reloaded the new version no change.

This is going to force me to go to all web based mail and that is painful on the number of accounts i have.

ti seems
that there is a HUGE delay in rebuilding the database after the new version is run. it finally showed up but was 10 min later on a ssd

There were no code changes to the Apple Mail plug-in in SpamSieve 2.9.9. That and the fact that reverting to the older version didn’t help would seem to indicate that the problems you’re seeing in Apple Mail are not related to the SpamSieve update. You can always uninstall SpamSieve from Apple Mail to ensure that it’s not affecting anything.

If Mail is not responding, you can record a sample report to see what it’s doing.

It everything working now? SSDs can get slow if they are almost full (or running out of properly working sections).