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After upgrade to 12.5 huge amounts of false positives

I am running Spamsieve 2.9.49
I upgraded a few hours ago
Spamsieve rules are enabled and starts with send all messages to all junk.
Many messagdes I receive frequently la ike the daily summary of what post office is delivering are in junk
I corrected and now I have my doubts if everything good went to junk
Instructions say to “upgrade to 2.9.45”
Please help

It sounds like maybe the SpamSieve plug-in isn’t enabled. Please see this page.

Or, if that’s not the problem, please use the Save Diagnostic Report command in the Help menu and send me the report file, as described here.

I’m not sure what you are referring to here. Could you post a screenshot?

Thank you
The log is very revealing. After it was launched there are only six messages marked “good” before the messages I trained as “good” to send them to the inbox. There is no trace of the False positives having been processed. My conclusion is that those slipped through at some point during update, although I don’t think Mail was active before hitting the “upgrade” button. (I’m not positive)

As to "upgrade to 2.9.45, I missed that that was a suggestion for earlier version of Mac OS. Sorry.

Thanks again

Are you referring the the Upgrade button when Mail has to update its database at launch?

No, the Upgrade to 12.5
I never saw an upgrade button for Mail to update its database or anything else

Unless you had a much older version installed, the SpamSieve plug-in should stay enabled after a macOS update. However, sometimes this is not the case, and then SpamSieve will try to fix it the first time it launches after the update. It is possible for some messages to slip through before that, though.

The Saga continues.
I shut down over night. I launched this morning and then found several good messages in the junk: for example 3 newspapers I receive every day.
In the log there is not evidence of any message having been labeled as junk. All the messages are “good”. The newspapers do not appear to have been evaluated.

I just went back to look at some of yesterday’s log and see that numerous emails that spamsieve labeled “good” appeared in the all junk folder

If you are seeing “Predicted” log entries but not for the messages in question, that likely means that the messages were moved to Junk by something other than SpamSieve (e.g. a server junk filter, another Mail rule, or another Mac).

Thank you Michael,
As stated above, numerous messages that Spamsieve labeled as “good” appeared in the all junk folder
Today the log shows predicted and trained messages. Only good messages are visible. There is not one labeled as Spam in today’s log. However there are numerous spam messages in the all junk folder along with a few good messages. Non show as having been processed by Spamsieve
I rechecked the spamsieve installation instructions and everything is correct
I have another mac that has not been on today.
My email program is apple mail 16.0 and my principal address is an apple address.
My isp is Comcast
I do not know what, if anything I can do with these

Do you mean ones that say “Predicted: Good” rather than “Trained: Good”?

Is the Mac shut down or asleep? Some Macs can still process messages while asleep.

From this article, it looks like there is a way to uncheck “Enable spam filtering” for Comcast.

Do you mean ones that say “Predicted: Good” rather than “Trained: Good”?
—I found one "Trained: Good (Manual). the very next one comes twice. The first Predicted: Good (1) then Trained Good (Auto). Many were not evaluated at all and appear in the all junk folder

Is the Mac shut down or asleep? Some Macs can still process messages while asleep.
–The other Mac was shut down

From [this article], it looks like there is a way to uncheck “Enable spam filtering” for Comcast.
–I don’t see that setting. I do not use the Comcast email account and now receive only legitimate email. My backup email is a seldom used gmail account. I used to get tons of spam from Comcast until I changed my username.

Which provider are you using for the primary account that is experiencing this problem with good messages in Junk?

95% of my mail, and all I have seen in junk to date are apple. My email is xxx@mac.com

Unfortunately, there is no way to turn off the iCloud junk filter, however you can set up SpamSieve to scan the Junk mailbox and rescue the good messages.

Hey Michael
I have been going through the instructions in your last message
The article about rescuing good messages refers to colored spam messages. I have very few colored spam messages. It wasn’t always so.
Aso, for the record, only ⅔ of my span come from icloud. The others come from a gmail account I use when I expect junk. I haven’t seen any falso positives there.
Is having colored spam messages crucial?

If the messages have a brown text color but no background color, that means they were not processed by SpamSieve. That is OK if they are spam messages and they are in the right place because your server junk filter caught them. If they are good messages but in the Junk mailbox, that’s a problem, and so you may want to set up SpamSieve to rescue such messages.

Okay I created and installed the Rescue script and followed instructions to install it.
It ran correctly from the Script Editor but it didn’t do anything automatically. (I left it for a good while and the false positives remained until I ran from the script editor)
The script menu bar does not show the script.
I was unable to create a stand alone application

There are no messages with brown text color but no backhraound color

The rescue script should run automatically when you receive a new message in the inbox.

It’s also possible that Mail itself is moving the messages to Junk soon after launching, without asking SpamSieve, due to a change in macOS 12.5. If that’s the case, it should help to click this link, which will change an internal SpamSieve setting that should work around this.

It worked after I rebooted this morning

I’ll have to fiddle around to turn the script into a separate application.
I’m off to a trip so that may take some time

Thank you