After upgrading SpamSieve, deleted my Spam folder and is acting strangely. How to get tech support?

I recently upgraded SpamSieve. I’m using the Extension method. Or trying to. I carefully followed the directions and checked the setup using the instructions in SpamSieve.

My problem is that after upgrading SS, Apple Mail is refusing to use the Spam folder I used for years. It’s now creating a duplicate Junk folder and I don’t know why or how this is even possible. It refuses to allow me to make a folder called “Spam.” Keeps renaming it to “Junk”. The “spam” folder is confusingly still visible in the Settings.
Thanks for any help.

BTW, I’m not thrilled by a company that makes it hard to get tech support. For example, having to post my question in a forum and ask other users instead of getting actual tech support from the developer. I hate it when companies try to save money in this way at my expense. Hopefully a developer monitors this forum.

This is not related to SpamSieve or the upgrade. It’s just how Mail’s Junk mailbox has always worked. There’s more information about the Junk mailbox here, but the basic idea is that there are various mailboxes on the server, and Mail lets you pick while one to use as the special mailbox. It will then display that as Junk regardless of its “real” name. Nothing is deleted. The reason you can have two called Junk is that (as you see in the menu) one is actually called Spam.

The way I recommend thinking of this is that you should pick which mailbox you want the spam messages to go to. This should usually be the same mailbox that your server junk filter is using. In your case, it sounds like you want the Spam mailbox. Then select that mailbox in Mailbox Behaviors, and Mail will call it Junk, and SpamSieve will use it. Then delete any other Junk/Spam mailboxes so that you’re left with only the one that has the special icon.

I’m not sure where you got that idea. The support page says were are happy to provide individualized support via e-mail and lists the direct address ( And if you check the post history, I have been replying in the forum all day.

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Thank you for the explanation and correction. I also don’t know where I got that idea. Derp, sorry/

The folders have sorted themselves out, thank you.
As I struggled with this situation it was coincidentally being compounded by a glitch I’ve discovered: I had enabled “Log Connection Activity” in an obscure corner of’s setting while troubleshooting a network issue after upgrading to Sonoma. It turns out that enabling that was slowing down things tremendously when coupled with SpamSieve. So when testing my rules, it could only process one or two messages per minute. Excruciating. When I found this and disabled it, life got 500% better.

Anyhow, I’ve sorted it all out now and things seem to be working smoothly and snappily.

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Good tip. Yes, that option will slow everything in Mail down a lot. It has very extensive logging. For others following along, Log Connection Activity is in Window ‣ Connection Doctor, so it’s easy to miss if you are just looking in the normal Settings window.