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AG: Outlook 2011 emails - Failed to import greek chars...


I just installed EagleFiler and start to using it… When I try to import emails from Outlook 2011 (v14.3.7 Eng) the greek chars was not recognized…!! They replaced with “?” chars…

Please advice…

Thank you

There are several possible causes of this problem:

  1. The message is malformed. For example, it contains 8-bit characters with no encoding specified. This forces the mail program to guess how to interpret them. By default, EagleFiler will guess the MacRoman encoding, but you can change this using the DefaultMessageEncoding esoteric preference.
  2. Outlook is not correctly exporting the message.
  3. EagleFiler is not correctly importing the message.

I have never actually seen #2 or #3 happen, but they could happen in theory. How did you import the messages from Outlook? Did you use the capture key?

Are the problem characters in the message body, the subject, the sender/recipient name? It would help if you could drag the message in Outlook to the Finder to export it as a .eml file and send this to me as an attachment so that I can investigate further.

The Greek chars in the subject is OK… The greek chars in the body is WRONG…

At first use drag and drop to the EagleFiler, and today I used the Drop Pad… with the same results…

The export to FINDER has the same effect… You can see the attachment (at your inbox)… :slight_smile:

Thank you for your time… :slight_smile:

It looks like the “.eml” file that Outlook exported changed all the Greek characters to “?”. The data is malformed before it gets to EagleFiler, so I think this is an issue that would have to be addressed in Outlook itself.


Thank you for your time… :slight_smile: