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AirMail 2.0 and Power Nap

Hello! I just purchased SpamSieve last night and am extremely happy with it. I use it with Airmail 2.0, which I know isn’t compatible with Power Nap.

I was curious if there was a way to set up Apple Mail with the SpamSieve plugin working in the background so Apple Mail is doing the initial filtering so messages are sorted on my phone, but to still be able to mark messages as spam / not spam in Airmail 2.0 to train SpamSieve.

Or, is my only other option to set up SpamSieve with Airmail 2.0 only and set my iMac to never sleep.

All of this is keeping in mind I’d like to use Airmail 2.0 as my primary email client.


You could turn off SpamSieve in Airmail and use Apple Mail with the drone setup so that you can train SpamSieve by moving messages to special mailboxes using Airmail (or the phone).

Keep in mind that Power Nap only checks for mail once per hour.