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Airmail (2.6.1) - no filtering happening

I feel very overwhelmed with what’s going on and hope someone can set me straight. I’ll try to be brief.

I am a yahoo mail user (i.e.: a masochist) but I’m finally so fed up that I’m moving to my gmail account. however, because I got my gmail account early it’s pretty generic (initial of first name, full last name) and, therefore, gets tons of spam, lots of which ends up in my inbox. (so much so that I never wanted to move to gmail.)

I assumed that by using Airmail and SpamSieve I could make this all manageable. I setup SpamSieve as instructed here and did some training. but when I look at the stats in SpamSieve “Filtered Mail” is zero. I’ve tried deleting my account from Airmail and re-adding it hoping that with all the tons of mail coming into the inbox SpamSieve would get to work. nothing.

I have not clue what I’m doing wrong. help? and thanks in advance.

stats: Airmail 2.6.1, SpamSieve demo 2.9.23, OS X 10.10.5 (Yosemite)

It sounds like you did the right setup, but the zero means that Airmail is not sending any of the messages to SpamSieve for analysis.

How many spam and good messages does the Statistics window show in the corpus? This will let us see whether Airmail and SpamSieve are communicating as far as training.

Secondly, please check the Console for any errors.