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Airmail 2 on multiple macs

Wondering what the current thinking is on the best way to deal with multiple macs using Airmail 2? I am new to SpamSieve and have looked through these forums and only found stuff relating to Airmail 1. I do have one Mac that runs all the time (Home), but I actually check my email mostly on my work Mac and iPhone. Work Mac isn’t really running all the time.

Also, if I don’t take the time to do an initial training but just train as I go, how long will it take before I’m pretty well trained?

Thanks in advance.

There’s no difference between Airmail 1 and Airmail 2 in this regard. The SpamSieve and Multiple Macs page has some information about multi-Mac setups in general. Note that option #2, the drone setup, does not work with Airmail, although some people use Apple Mail in the background to run the drone but do all of their actual e-mail work in Airmail.

That really depends on how much e-mail you receive. If you have some old spam and good messages already saved up, doing the initial training with a few hundred messages will save time overall.