Airmail 5.6.9 and SpamSieve 3

SpamSieve 3 correctly puts an icon on the menubar with all iys menus.
I set Airmail to work with SS according to instructions and when I select a message I have the option to accept it or mark as spam.
What I do not understand is why with a selected message the menus in the SS menubar are always dimmed. It is fairly useless if you do not mark a message as good or bad.
What am I doing wrong?

Thank you

You’re not doing anything wrong. The menu bar icon is primarily for mail clients like Apple Mail and Outlook that don’t have built-in commands for controlling SpamSieve. It’s also useful if you want to access SpamSieve’s menus but have the Dock icon hidden. Airmail does have built-in SpamSieve support, so the menu bar icon commands are not needed. (I would implement them there for consistency, but Airmail doesn’t support AppleScript.)

Excellent, thank you for your prompt reply.

Have a nice day