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Airmail and AppleScript (Drone Training)

Airmail has supported AppleScript for a while now, and I’m wondering if there is/will be an AppleScript for remote/drone training the way there has been for Apple Mail. I use Airmail for both Mac and iOS.

Unfortunately, Airmail’s AppleScript support is very limited. It’s not possible to get the list of messages in a mailbox or to get the source of a message. Both of those, and more, would be necessary to implement remote training.

Ah, got it. That’s too bad.
So if I understand other forum posts about this issue correctly, the idea is that we can have a Mac (running Apple Mail) function as the drone --with all the rules set up-- at the same time that we use another client (in this case, Airmail) to actually check mail (and train items as either good or spam using the Train as Good and Train as Spam commands and respective folders)?

And on iOS devices, would it be a bad idea to actually map the Spam folder to being “TrainSpam” so that the training happens “automatically” from that end?

I’m actually trying to troubleshoot why Apple Mail has both a “Junk” folder and a “Spam” folder for one of my accounts, especially since it’s the only one with the Drone rules set up, the AppleScript, etc.


Do you mean because you want to use the “Move to Junk” command instead of the generic Move command followed by choosing the TrainSpam mailbox?

Perhaps the Junk mailbox is from a server filter and the Spam mailbox is the one you created for SpamSieve.

I use Airmail for iOS, too. In the Mapping for the account in question, I can tell the Spam folder to be TrainSpam instead of INBOX.Junk, which means whenever I use an Action swipe to move something to the Junk folder, it’ll go to the TrainSpam folder instead. This does mean that the INBOX.Junk folder shows up as a regular folder in the list, though.

If the INBOX.spam folder is one I created with/for SpamSieve, is there a way to get it to use the INBOX.Junk folder instead? I’ve already tried going through the Change Settings dialog, with no luck. None of the Rules are pointing to INBOX.spam, either.

It’s fine to change the mapping. As long as you don’t get confused by it, it’s all the same to SpamSieve.

The Apple Mail rule controls where incoming spam messages go. Change Settings controls where spam messages trained from the Mac go. Messages trained by the drone go to the mailbox specified at the top (pSpamMailboxName) of the remote training script.