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AirMail is the new kid in town. Will SpamSieve support it?

There is a new email client in town called AirMail.

It’s actually an excellent alternative to Apple mail.

It is my hope that the developers of SpamSieve are aware of this app
and thinking of supporting it.

Click Here For A Look

Any hope that you can offer us at this point?


I’d like SpamSieve to work with AirMail, however since its filtering is not extensible and it doesn’t support AppleScript, this would need support from the AirMail developers. There are some threads about this in the AirMail forum.

Another option (that works today) would be to set up Apple Mail using the drone setup. If you leave Apple Mail running in the background, it could then filter your mail through SpamSieve. To train SpamSieve from AirMail, you would move messages into the special TrainSpam or TrainGood mailbox.


4 months later…

Are the folks at Airmail any more receptive to adding support for SpamSieve?

I would use the workaround, but don’t like the idea of two email programs running at once.


No, I have not heard back from them.

That’s a shame.

I am going to send them a personal email pushing the compatibility.

If you are making an major email software for Mac, it should be compatible with the most popular spam software.

Airmail shows the most promise out of any recent email attempts (outside of Sparrow), but I am rather disappointed by how slowly the software has progressed and how long it takes for the developers to implement the most essential features.

I have been using that software since it was in early beta for many months now, and progress is painfully slow.

Let me see if I can push things on my end. I am only one user out of many, but perhaps I can become a vocal minority.

AirMail Beta 1.2 (212) Now Has SpamSieve

Are you aware that AirMail Beta 1.2 (212) Now Has SpamSieve? Not sure how they are doing it because their app doesn’t have a Plugin Config nor does it check for a legal copy of SpamSieve?

The company did get back to me about three weeks ago saying that they were moving towards SpamSieve support.

So, I am not surprised it is happening – but as you are pointing out – it’s odd how it is being done.

Thanks for the update.

Yes. I have been working with them. They have added direct support for SpamSieve with no plug-in required. I have not yet finished testing SpamSieve with their beta, but my preliminary recommendation is to make sure that you have Airmail set to “Download message bodies by default” and “Download all attachments by default” (for each account).

Thanks Michael

That’s great news!

Airmail is a great client particularly because it plays much better with Gmail and Mavericks Compared to Apple Mail

I’ve added a preliminary Setting up Airmail section to the SpamSieve manual that explains the current best practices. However, please note that as of this writing the Airmail 1.2.1 (212) beta does not seem to work with SpamSieve due to sandbox errors.

I suppose we are still a few months away from authentic SpamSieve support with Airmail.

I would like to say that I am very pleased with Airmail these days.

They got off to a very slow, rocky start. However, they seem to really have put together
an email program that rivals Apple Mail and almost surpasses Sparrow.

Kind of funny to see that Mail Pilot, who was supposed to launch a big desktop email client,
has fallen behind on their release date.

The SpamSieve client web page now states that version Airmail version 1.2.1 is supported, so it shouldn’t be that long. The only question is, when will Airmail 1.2.1 be out?

I like Airmail as well, and I am glad its supported. Apple Mail seems to act a bit flaky under 10.9, so I think its time for a change.

The only last big thing missing (besides true SpamSieve support) is RULES.

I have already received verification that RULES are being heavily considered for the next beta.

Once that is in place (along with SpamSieve), then it will be time to dump Apple Mail.

After using it for a day, I strongly agree, Rules are badly needed. Also, you have to be able to save mail to folders on your computer, as opposed to just folders on the mail servers.

Still no support?

Hi - just downloaded the latest version of AirMail, and I’m running the latest version of SpamSieve. Since the Mavericks update, Apple Mail is woeful and I have switched.
Is there still no way to get SpamSieve and AirMail playing nicely together? I note that the options mentioned in your How To don’t seem to exist anymore.

The documentation is current with respect to the 1.2.1 (212) that I now see on the Airmail beta page. Which version of Airmail are you using?

I am working with the Airmail developer, and some improvements are on the way.