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AirMail - Multiple Accounts

SpamSieve v2.9.29
Airmail v3.5.2.

iMac and a MacBookPro


I have 6 IMAP email accounts in AirMail on the Mac

I want to stop SpamSieve processing email from ONE particular account…is that possible?



It’s possible with other mail clients, but not Airmail. Could you explain more about what you are trying to accomplish?

Hi Michael

I oversee a support email account for a Client. They want to deal with Spam but at the moment SpamSieve does this and as we are IMAP, those emails sent to Spam…sometime inadvertently, do not display to them. So they can’t dealw ot them. I have to check there Spam. Not ideal.



Sorry, but I don’t understand. Are you saying that your client can’t see their own Spam mailbox?

Why is the issue only for one account?

They can see the Junk folder but not the Spam folder. We don’t know where the Spam folder is coming through from because it is not on the server but IS listed in Airmail, not the main folder lists but in grey at the bottom and this is where the Spam from SpamSieve is being put. Itg must be a local folder I guess but there is NO reference to it anywhere in the setup etc.

See this useloom video to see the issue: https://www.useloom.com/share/4abd8518aeff4bcab59eff66d7def860



Airmail always displays the folder as Spam even though the name on the server may be Junk. If you go to Airmail’s preferences, then Accounts > your account > Mapping, you can set which server folder it uses.