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Airmail, POP and SpamSieve

I mainly use Postbox with Spamsieve but I also setup Airmail 3 some time ago (at the time I considered it an alternative backup for Postbox) and use it with some “junk” accounts that I check infrequently. Spamsieve works on most of the Airmail accounts but today I noticed that one of the accounts keeps getting the same spam in the inbox even when I choose Mark as Spam for those messages. I checked the Airmail/Spamsieve setup and it only mentions Imap accounts. This account is POP (for reasons I can’t recall).

Does Spamsieve work with Airmail POP accounts?

Yes, it should work with POP accounts as well. The reason the instructions mention IMAP is that there are extra things you need to do if you are using IMAP.

However, if you are choosing “Mark as Spam” I think that is the problem. That command does not train SpamSieve. You should be using the “SpamSieve - Train as Spam” command. If you have not been doing that, I recommend resetting all of SpamSieve’s training and starting over.

Thanks. Everything is working. I had forgotten to use the control-click command - I kept scanning the menus for the Spamsieve commands and didn’t see them.