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Alias problem ...


I have a small problem of alias. I made an Alias of the application in the Dock. But when the application is launched another alias is created! in the Dock (?) I deleted the file “com.c-command.SpamSieve.plist” but it did not fix the problem. And If I keep the new one alias in the place of older, another is created… (?)

Who can help me?

Thanks a lot;


I don’t really understand your situation. Items in the Dock are not aliases; an alias is created using the Finder’s File > Make Alias command. Are you saying that you put SpamSieve in the Dock by dragging it there? There is no need to do so because it will go there automatically when you launch SpamSieve. There is no reason that you should ever need to delete SpamSieve’s preferences file. Do you have more than one copy of SpamSieve on your disk?