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All mail is going into spam sieve after security update

I just did a security update. When my computer restarted, there was a message that the plugin SpamSieve was disabled because it was not up to date. I currently have the latest version of SpamSieve 2.9.4.

Now ALL my incoming mail is sent to the Spam folder. Any ideas?

Mac software version 10.6.8

If you’re using Mac OS X 10.6.8 and just applied the Security Update 2012-004 (Snow Leopard), SpamSieve 2.9.4 will no longer work with Apple Mail. This is because Apple’s security update changed the requirements for Mail plug-ins. To get SpamSieve working again, download [STRIKE]this pre-release version of SpamSieve[/STRIKE] (see below) and follow the Updating instructions in the Read Me file to replace your old copy of SpamSieve. Double-click the newly installed SpamSieve application to launch it. It may automatically re-install the plug-in for Apple Mail; otherwise, go to the SpamSieve menu and choose “Install Apple Mail Plug-In.” When you launch Mail, you should now see the SpamSieve commands in Mail’s Message menu.

SpamSieve 2.9.5 has shipped with a fix for Security Update 2012-004 (Snow Leopard), so the pre-release version of SpamSieve is no longer necessary.