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All new messages coming in are marked as Read. Only rule I have is SPAMsieve?

I just switched from POP to IMAP on my Mac and iPhone (I’m now forwarding mail I used to get via POP to a Gmail account using IMAP).

I have used SPAMsieve for years successfully with my old POP mail. The rule is the standard SPAMsieve rule described in the setup for filtering all incoming mail.

With the new IMAP account, all incoming mail on my Mac is marked as read (a status which of course syncs to the iPhone, as well). If I quit Mail on the Mac, new mail comes into my iPhone as unread, so something on the Mac is changing the read status, but SPAMsieve is the only rule I have (aside from Apple Hot News…).

How do I fix this so that mail is not marked as read? It was never marked as read with my old POP account and SPAMsieve. I am also not sure if Gmail is getting filtered properly by SPAMsieve since the SPAMsieve folder still says POP on it.


SpamSieve itself doesn’t (and doesn’t know how to) mark incoming messages as read. You can rule it out as the source of the problem by temporarily unchecking the SpamSieve rule in Mail.

Do you have any other Mail plug-ins installed in these folders: