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Allowing for a Date Created (and added, and modified) condition to have an "="

It would be very convenient to have a condition for a smart folder where it checks whether a particular note was created, added, or modified on a particular date, as well as on a relative date (today, tomorrow, today +1, etc.). Right now, the only conditions are before or after a particular date. A way around it is to have two conditions - the date is after yesterday and before tomorrow. The drawback is that I cannot have any OR conditions for the smart folder, so the way I see it, this is only a partial workaround.



These are features that I’m planning to add.

You can have unlimited, nested Any/All/None (i.e. OR/AND/NOT) conditions in the same smart folder. Just Option-click the + button to create a new criteria grouping.

Thank you for pointing out how to perform nested conditions, that will make life much easier. As far as adding the features - is there a release that is targeted for them?



I’m not sure yet. Is it common for you want to search for files dated in the future? How does that happen?

Which do you think are the most important conditions to add?

I often associate a tag with an EF record - for example, if I get a purchase confirmation to an event, I capture the email in EF and add a tag for the date of the event (if the event is for August 20th, the tag will read 2013-08-20). The same email will have the tag of the day it was imported into EF (typically the date it was received, so if I got the confirmation email today, it will have a tag of 2013-07-10).

This approach is helpful if I have records I want to associate with specific dates. In the example above, I may need to present the proof of purchase at the event, so on August 20th (or the night before) I check out what various supporting materials I may have for the following day (this way I don’t have to somehow associate the imported email to the event, which would be cumbersome).

So, I may want to search (or have a smart folder), where a particular tag has today’s date in it (I may need to change how I format the tags), rather than creating a smart folder for every day of the year (just as an example).

So the conditions useful for me would be:

  • Date =/=>/=< today/yesterday/[day of the week]
  • Tag =/is contained/not contained in [Date/relative date]

Could you explain what you mean by “day of the week”? Do you mean that you want to find dates that are Wednesdays? Or do you mean “x” days ago?

I don’t quite understand this. Are you wanting EagleFiler to parse the tag name as a date?

Sorry, this was somewhat cryptic. What I mean by Date = date of week, etc., is to be able to set a smart folder condition that could look like this: Date Created=today, or Date Modified=7/10/2012, or Date Created = Wednesday (where the system would understand that Wednesday is either today (if today is Wednesday) or next Wednesday (OmniFocus has that capability, so I figured I would add it here).

As far as EagleFiler parsing the tag as date, no, I don’t expect that (not sure how it would be possible). What I would like is to be able to compare a date to a tag, where it would be my responsibility for the tag to be in an exact date format.

Hope this makes it clear :slight_smile:


It does; thanks.