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Although Spamsieve trained for years, Yosemite now accepting spam as good.

I have been using Spamsieve for well over 10 years, since the days of the Lion, and have trained it remorsefully.
However when I have now upgraded to Yosemite with a new iMac, Spamsieve now decides on its’ own to dump around 20 plainly obvious Spam messages into my Inbox. These are messages for example for “mens” medications, enhancements, dating propositions etc. I then have to select them all, and “Train as Spam” again, then a week or so later Spamsieve does it again.
I have never had this problem since my original few weeks of training, only since I updated to Yosemite, now using Spamsieve 2.9.22.
Any suggestions?

Yosemite has been out for about a year now. There are no known issues with it and SpamSieve, so my guess is that something changed in your mail program’s setup. Please follow the instructions on the Why is SpamSieve not catching my spam? page and send the requested information to me via e-mail.

I did not receive an e-mail, so I’m assuming that the problem was resolved by following the instructions in the FAQ.

Thanks Michael,
I checked through all the steps on the instructions, and made sure my settings were correct, and were except for “Automatically detect and maintain account settings.” was checked, now unchecked.

I have been training Spamsieve again since I sent the original request, and it seems to be behaving at the moment, I just hope it does not decide to forget the training again in the future.
Thanks again

You can back up your training data so that it isn’t lost in the event that the files are deleted.

Thank you Michael, that is great, even after all these years< I am still finding my way around Spamsieve.
I will make the necessary backups.