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Always prompted on launch?

I have Eagle Filer set to start on launch and I am prompted every time that this application was downloaded from the internet on a certain date.

Any way to turn off that authentication?


Do you mean “login” rather than “launch”? The security prompt about the application being downloaded from the Internet is handled by the OS and is out of the application’s control. It should only ask you once per application. If it’s asking more than once, that could be because the application file isn’t writable. Are you perhaps trying to run EagleFiler from its disk image? You need to copy it to the Applications folder before launching it.

Yes, I did mean login, not launch.

EagleFiler is in the Applications folder.

Does it prompt you when you double-click EagleFiler in the Applications folder?

Yes, it does.

Please try deleting it and then putting a freshly downloaded copy in the Applications folder.