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An alternative SPAM strategy for SpamSieve?

So far, I prefer an alternative SPAM strategy. Perhaps some of you can straighten out my muddy thinking…(grin)…

I prefer to look at my email on line first, and weed out the SPAM there before downloading the residual to my email client on my computer. The ISP I use <http://iinet.com/> has a web mail facility that I might use from a computer of convenience such as an internet cafe or library.

I log onto my web mail. The ISP has a pretty aggressive SPAM filter system and I have built a rather large white list into that client. Of 100 messages, their SPAM filter will trap perhaps 60, I will manually weed out another 20, and download the residual 20 messages that seem to have come in from trusted sources.

What this does for me is to prevent messages with any attached, possibly autolaunching malware from even being downloaded to my computer.

So my question is this:

is there any way I can configure SpamSieve to work with my looking with my Firefox (or any browser you choose) at my web mail before the download?

Or is this an extension of SpamSieve that is unreasonable?

The short answer is that SpamSieve does not (and will likely never) work with Web mail. However, downloading malware is not a danger for Mac users, since there is no auto-launching, and (unlike with Windows) applications can’t be sent as single files. Therefore, I see no reason to spend your time weeding out the spam manually, when you could have SpamSieve do it automatically.

Also, I don’t think aggressive server-side filters are a good idea because it’s too hard to look for false positives. SpamSieve is less likely to generate false positives (because it knows your address book and learns what your good mail looks like), and if it does they won’t be gone, just sitting there in your spam folder.