An unknown internal program error occurred

Been getting this often when attempting to download my email. When it happens I need to click Send and Receive. Happens when “syncing.” Error code is 18000. Details: “Could not retrieve mail.”

Using Mac OS 12.6.1 and Outlook for Mac 16.76.2

I have reinstalled SpamSeive


That looks like an error from Outlook. What makes you think there’s a connection to SpamSieve?

I dont know. Just guessing. I get this syncing box that comes up just after I click on download mail and then I get the “An unknown internal program error occurred” So its not a Spamsieve problem?

No, it sounds like Outlook is encountering its own error trying to download your mail. That happens before it asks SpamSieve to analyze the messages.

OK thanks. I’ll ask Outlook for help.