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Anti Virus for Mac

Hi Michael,

I am so happy with SpamSieve for quite some years now that I thought I ask you if you have any suggestion for an antivirus software for Mac.


I don’t use anti-virus software. I’ve seen lots of cases where it caused problems (software conflicts, slowness), and I don’t think I know anyone for whom it ever found an actual virus.

Hi Michael,

I haven’t used anti-virus either, but lately people/media tell me that today there is more virus for the Mac platform than before, due to massification of Apple products. So I thought I might care about this.


I’ve heard that, too, but I’m skeptical about the ability of the anti-virus software to detect the malicious software. Personally, I:

  1. Make frequent backups and keep multiple complete backups nearby (but disconnected) and off-site. So, if there’s a problem I should be able to recover from it.
  2. Use Little Snitch to detect applications that are trying to send information out of my Mac.