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Any better syncing methods than DropBox

I’ve been trying syncing EagleFiler notes and stuff using the recommended DropBox method, but this leaves much to be desired.

One problem is that DropBox’s search of EagleFiler notes, even if I drill down to the Files folder, barely works. Most of the time search is unsuccessful.

Anybody have any more robust methods for syncing EagleFiler between my Mac, iPhone and iPad?



EF open on two macs!
I fully agree. However, I would welcome a method which is not sensitive to the file being open on a second Mac. I understand the recommendation of closing Eaglefiler before opening on a second computer but in real life this doesn’t work (for me…). I’m working, my three-year old comes up and ask attention, I close my macbook, I forget, I come at work and voila Eaglefiler has a problem.
I used Devonthink before (has it’s own problems), this behaviour worked perfectly. DT warned me that there was a second file open, I confirmed and after that we worked perfectly together…