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Any chance for Thunderbird support?

Is there any chance that SpamSieve will eventually support Thunderbird?


Sure, there’s a chance, but it probably won’t happen soon. The issue is that Thunderbird doesn’t have any hooks to attach a spam filter. The other clients that SpamSieve supports either have a plug-in interface, are AppleScriptable, or have built-in support for SpamSieve. I’ve asked several Mozilla people about this, but so far they don’t seem interested in having third-party filters hook in to Thunderbird.

By the way…
Just wanted to let you know how great spamsieve is. I don’t even bother with my email providers spam filters (I turn them off). SpamSieve does a better job than they do.

Unfotunetely I’m stuck using Apple Mail which isn’t quite doing the things I need it to do. I’m looking for a relatively inexpensive mail client that uses SpamSieve. I’m probably going to give GyazMail a try since it is the most inexpensive out of all the mail clients that support SpamSieve.


Any more Thunderbird News?
Any changes on the Thunderbird support front? Is the situation still the same with Mozilla? Here is hoping the possibility of spamsieve plus open source will get closer!

I’m planning to release SpamSieve 2.6 later today. It includes support for Thunderbird.

SpamSieve 2.6 is now available.

Thanks for making Spam Sieve work with Thunderbird. I’ve been using Thunderbird for about 9 months now and had turned off Spam Sieve because it was not compatible with Thunderbird. I’m back with Spam Sieve.