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Any Hope the "Apple Mail - Discard Spam" Script Can Be Made to Work with macOS 10.15 and Later?

SpamSieve is one of my very few “essential” 3rd party apps. Thanks for your continuing support of it.

However, as I’m running Catalina (now at macOS 10.15.7)—and eventually will be moving to Big Sur (macOS 11)—every time I have spam in the On My Mac Spam folder to be deleted, I wince at the loss of simplification that Script was able to provide by skipping deletions going to the Trash Mailbox—where another deletion operation must be done.

Is there any “light at the end of the tunnel” for you being able to restore that simplification—whether by an update to the Script or some other means?:crossed_fingers:


Apple Mail on Big Sur still has a bug that prevents deleting messages via AppleScript, and I’ve not heard back from Apple about my bug report. You could try changing your SpamSieve settings to put the messages in the special Junk mailbox instead of the Spam mailbox and then use Mail’s built-in Erase Junk Mail command. I’ve heard mixed reports about whether that command works as advertised.

Thanks for explaining that alternative approach; it worked for me.

I followed the steps to (1) substitute the Junk mailbox for the On My Mac Spam folder, (2) redirect the Train as Spam to that Junk folder, and (3) use the Junk’s drop-down option to “Erase Junk Mail…” which created this confirmation display:

and (4) which “Erase” choice did effect that. (No Trash mailbox involvement.:clap:)

So even though there was that confirmation click to complete the desired result—one minor step more than how the Script achieved the erasure—the suggested alternate approach restored, for me, most of the simplification that had been lost.:grinning:

Thanks, again,

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