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Any post from youTube gets put in the junk.

New to SpamSieve.
It seems to be learning ok so far, but any email arriving from youTube (noreply@youtube.com) gets put in the junk folder - however many times I “Train as Good”.
I even have noreply@youtube.com in my contacts.

If the address in Contacts, it’s probably not SpamSieve moving those messages. You can check the log to be sure.

Junk and spam folders
This morning I found all the stuff that SpamSieve has moved to a ‘spam’ folder (mostly correctly). The email from YouTube which I want to keep is in the ‘junk’ folder. I think this is associated with a ‘gmail’ account, so I will go into what is happening there (the server’s doing something?). I’d love to delete the gmail account altogether, we shall see :slight_smile:

That would be my guess. This page may help.

Perfect. Many thanks