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Any way to distinguish (or hide) folder icons?

This is still such an essential program for me… every year or two I look at alternatives but nothing is close.

But I now have so many folders in some of my databases that they “get in the way.” For example when I am importing from another application and want to put a document something in a specific folder, it takes a while to find the correct one. The problem is that the list of folders is fixed during such an operation; there is no way to hide the parts I don’t care about.

In the Finder, it is possible to color tag a folder, and to change the icon. Colors at least carry over to the EF library window, but seemingly not to other lists of folders. Any suggestions?

Have you tried typing the first few letters of the folder’s name?

How would you suggest that hiding should work?

Custom icons set in the Finder should carry over into the EagleFiler window and menus. I can look into using the label color in the menus.

EagleFiler 1.6 shows the folder colors in menus.

Thanks! Version 1.6 has a lot of clever new ideas that are individually small but collectively significant.

It also feels faster, judging from my experience when beta testing.